The Kilt Experience Personal Touch

We were really pleased to see our website ‘go live’ in December 2019 and after a few weeks of ‘live’ testing we think we have all our ‘i’s dotted, and ‘t’s crossed. We hope you like our creations and are inspired by our enthusiasm to design something exceptional for you.

As you navigate our website you will notice we don’t have a shop function; there are no drop-down product options menus, no shopping cart and no checkout.

The retailing of our custom-made products and bespoke services really deserve to be done in a more personal way.  This inspiration lies at the heart of The Kilt Experience as a business and reflects our passion for ensuring that whatever your Kilt Experience, you wear our kilts with pride, feel confident in our outfits and enjoy our performances.

There are many kilt retailers with websites created specifically to avoid any personal engagement. Where ‘standard’ mass produced garments, products and outfits can be selected from pages of menus. Where the provenance and quality of what you are purchasing is almost impossible to ascertain and where the source of your kiltwear and identity of your kiltmaker don’t merit mention.

We are not like that. Despite our shop doorbell being replaced by an incoming notification tone on our laptop or smart phone we want to offer you a personal welcome. We are delighted to display a range of distinctive creations and services on our and website, providing a shop window to inspire customers from Scotland and across the world.

We are proud to promote the provenance of the textiles and the materials we use and combine in our distinctive tailored outfits and are excited to share this with you as we help create your unique Kilt Experience.

Importantly we show you who we are, how we make our hand-sewn kilts and sporrans, create our outfits, and engage with our customers, suppliers and friends. We share with you the passion that conceived The Kilt Experience and continues to drive us on our Kilt Experience journey.

So, if you share our passion for the kilt, kiltwear and performance in the kilt, and are inspired to commission something exceptional, get in touch through our contact page and start your own Kilt Experience with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Kilt Experience Tailored Tartan Trousers Trews Stewart Hunting Tartan Oxblood Leather Handsewn Belt
Tailored Tartan Trousers with Handmade Oxblood Leather Belt
The Kilt Experience Handstitched Oxblood Leather Deluxe Antler Sporran Bag
Deluxe Antler Sporran Bag in Oxblood Leather
The Kilt Experience Handmade Buchanan Tartan Bow Ties
Custom Hand-made Bow Ties
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