Our Values

In providing our services we hold to these values which we believe make us unique and distinctive:

Personal service

We listen and create a unique and distinctive experience tailored just for you.


We use the highest quality materials sourced from leading textile and knitwear mills in Scotland.


We care about where our materials come from and try to source from Scottish suppliers locally and as close to our workshops as possible.


Our kilts and sporrans are genuinely handmade and made for you; every stitch sewn by hand to ensure they are truly made-to-measure.

Heritage and longevity

We are careful in design and manufacture, using traditional materials and craft to create genuine quality products which can be worn with confidence and passed on as a personal legacy.

Stitch in time

We appreciate that items of good quality kilt-wear often have family heritage and sentimental value. We offer a repair and refurbishment service should your treasured kilts and sporrans require that ‘stitch in time’.


Whilst wearing a kilt is exciting there can be uncertainties. There are many different outfit styles and preferences, conventions and myths. By listening to you we aim to create your experience so you enjoy and are confident in ordering our products, wearing our outfits and booking our services.

Our Ethics

We are conscious of energy and resource use in our business and our business impact on communities and the environment. To reduce our impact, we endeavour to work within the following considerations:


Good quality long lasting products: We don’t make disposable ‘fast fashion’.


Use materials which are capable of contributing to a circular economy and are ultimately biodegradable.


Using materials which are predominantly derived from natural/ renewable sources.


Use local suppliers to reduce transportation impacts and support local businesses.


Minimising disposal through re-use and recycling.


Promote the geographical origin of our products.

We are keen to keep our ethical approach under review and to encourage ethical consideration through our business dealings with suppliers and distributers.

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