Your Kilt Deserves It


There is a long tradition of leatherwork associated with kilt wearing.

The ancient féileadh-mór or ‘belted plaid’, the predecessor of the modern kilt, required the belt to hold it in place. The leather pouch used with the féileadh-mór has become the modern sporran.

At The Kilt Experience, our distinctive leatherwork has been inspired to complement our kilts and outfits. We use beautiful high quality leathers for our sporrans, sporran belts, and kilt belts, which are entirely handsewn using traditional waxed linen thread.

We enjoy working with our customers on commissions and special orders. Whether it’s custom sporrans and sporran shoulder bags, or costume leatherwork, please get in touch if you have an idea or requirement you’d like to discuss.

We avoid rivets and machine-sewing the leather as our distinctive handsewn kilts really do deserve to be worn with high quality hand-sewn sporrans and leatherwork.

The Kilt Experience Hand-stitched Leather Antler Sporrans, Leather Kilt Belt, Leather Sporran Belt Handmade in Scotland
The Kilt Experience Handstitched Deluxe Antler Sporran Made in Scotland

Leather Sporrans

At The Kilt Experience, all of our sporrans are entirely hand-sewn to our own designs here in the Scottish Borders.

In our range of sporrans we incorporate traditional elements whilst reflecting a more contemporary feel.

We recognise the importance of traditional craft and materials in sporran making, however we are keen to embrace contemporary design and reflect this combination in our creations.

Our Antler and Hunting Sporran designs are available in a range of high quality stock leathers, and can be made in a single colour or any number of striking combinations. These styles can also be cusomised for Sporran Shoulder Bags.

We also have ‘Soft Body’ 18th Century style and charming ‘Wee’ sporran designs, and are happy to take on bespoke commissions.

“Our sporrans also make fantastic shoulder and hand bags, and can be made slightly larger to accommodate a larger carrying capacity if needed.”

Sporran Belts

Our sporran belts are unique, incorporating a striking pleated leather section which gives suppleness and flexibility, holding the sporran securely against the kilt.

Even the highest quality chain sporran belts can catch and draw threads from the kilt cloth, over time causing wear and damage.

Our high-quality leather sporran belts are soft and don’t pinch the kilt material.

We also make a ‘Classic’ sporran belt, using the same high quality leather and solid buckle, but without the pleating.

The Kilt Experience Handsewn leather Kilt Belt with solid brass buckle
Hand-sewn Leather Kilt Belt with Solid Brass Buckle

Kilt Belts

Our hand-stitched kilt belts use a softer leather than many of those available from ‘kilt accessory suppliers’ and incorporate a striking solid buckle in brass or steel.

We have found these more comfortable to wear, and the simple traditional buckle gives a distinctive character which complement our sporran designs and quality leathers.

Sporran Shoulder Bags

Our sporrans also make fantastic shoulder and hand bags which can be made to accommodate a larger carrying capacity if needed.

Our distinctive Sporran Shoulder Bags are made to our contemporary Antler and Hunting Sporran designs available in a range of high quality stock leathers.

These can be made in a single colour of leather or any number of striking combinations.

Hunting Sporran Shoulder Bag in Black Leather with Oxblood Detail
Praline Sporran Bag & Buchanan Kilt
Custom Praline Sporran Shoulder Bag

Your Custom Sporran

Let us work with your creativity to design your own custom sporran or sporran bag!

We are excited when commissioned to make custom leatherwork, and enjoy taking time with clients to create unique and distinctive designs.

In this example (pictured), the challenge was to retain the clean lines and porportion of our Antler Sporran whilst giving the Sporran Shoulder Bag a more contemporary feel. The warmth and texture of this waxy-rise leather invites the wearer to hold and touch, and this in time gives it an attractive ageing and lustre.  For the finishing touch, the bag is tagged using our handmade traditional sporran tassel in recognition of its design origin.

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