Outstanding Bespoke Kilt Outfits

The Kilt Experience is well situated in the Scottish Borders to take advantage of outstanding local textile and knitwear traditions in creating our distinctive bespoke outfits. On our door step we have a range of renowned tartan and tweed mills producing fantastic quality textiles.

We create our distinctive outfits by combining our made-to-measure, entirely hand-sewn kilts, with our bespoke tweed waistcoats and jackets, which feature our own Scottish antler buttons, tailored in Scotland to your measurements. These are complemented with our fully hand-stitched leather sporrans and belts, and locally-knitted kilt hose.

Our high quality fully hand-stitched kilts really do deserve to be accompanied by outstanding tweed jackets and waistcoats in our distinctive outfits. We enjoy creating your outfit by carefully selecting quality leathers, knitwear and Scottish tweeds to match or complement the tartan of your kilt. We look forward to working with you to ensure you have an exceptional Kilt Experience.

The Kilt Experience Handsewn Kilt, made-to-measure Elliots Estate Tweed outfit, Hand-stitched leather Antler sporran, House of Cheviot Socks, Made in Scotland, Scottish Borders

“We carefully select tweeds to match or complement the tartan of your kilt to create our distinctive outfits.”

The Kilt Experience Lovat Tweed Kilt Jacket, Handmade Scottish Antler Buttons

Our Kilt jackets & waistcoats


Our fantastic made-to-measure kilt jackets and waistcoats can be tailored in many of the established styles such as Argyll, Crail and Sheriffmuir. We also have our own contemporary jacket design which has a clean cut and simple cuff and pocket details.

Our Scotland-based tailors can also work on custom designs which we would be pleased to discuss and create with you.

We also provide a range of finishing options, including choice of linings and buttons. At The Kilt Experience, we are happy to be able to offer our genuine hand-made Scottish Antler buttons for a distinctive and unique detail.


Our Handmade Scottish Antler buttons


Our tailored jackets and waistcoats are finished with our own handmade Scottish Red Deer antler buttons. Scottish-made antler buttons have been traditionally used on kilt jackets and waistcoats, however in the past few decades these have been increasingly replaced with cheap imports and plastic reproductions.

We pride ourselves in continuing the tradition using Scottish antlers which are collected for us from a small Highland estate. These naturally-cast antlers have a range of colours which we carefully select to complement the tweeds in each outfit.

At The Kilt Experience, we hand-cut and finish every single antler button ourselves in our workshop. Depending on the style, each outfit can require up to 28 buttons for its matching jacket and waistcoat.

The Kilt Experience Tweed Kilt Jacket and Waistcoat, handmade Scottish Red deer antler Buttons, Kilt Outfit Made in Scotland

Quality Kilt hose


Often overlooked, a well-considered pair of kilt hose can really tie your whole outfit together.

Hawick is famous for its knitwear and our sock (historically called ‘hose‘) suppliers continue the long knitwear tradition of the town, providing fantastic ranges of quality kilt hose and garter ties with an unparalleled selection of colours and styles.

We are also privileged to have the services of a bespoke hand knitter whose skills range from recreating historic hose styles to designing unique contemporary hose, selecting colours and patterns to match and complement your kilt and outfit.

Tartan flashes, or knitted garter ties are usually worn to hold your hose in place. You will receive a complementary pair of matching tartan flashes with your bespoke The Kilt Experience kilt, and we can also supply plain colour and tartan flashes as well as knitted garter ties to match or complement an existing kilt outfit.


Our Leather Sporrans & Belts


We produce our own distinctive sporrans and leatherwork which really do set our bespoke outfits apart from the others. Textures and colours of a range of high quality leathers are selected for each of our designs to complement the tartan and tweed combination.

All of our leather work is made to order and hand-sewn by us at The Kilt Experience. Our sporran belts and kilt belts feature quality cast buckles and are made to your measurements.

We hand-stitch our leather sporrans in a number of our own designs using quality metal fittings in our Hunting Sporrans, and naturally-cast Scottish Red Deer antler in our Antler Sporrans and Soft-Body Sporrans. The antler fastenings on our sporrans can be made from the same antler as the outfit buttons, providing a unique detail continuity.

The Kilt Experience Hand-stitched Hunting Sporran and Kilt Outfit
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